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Rosemary With A Bible And A Gun chords

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As strong as the day was long
Rosemary would sing along
Am                              C
Wheels rolling steady down the way
The ashtray it would fill up twice
The windows down felt nice
   Am                                  C
As miles stretched the twilight of the day
Driving up I-55
Mississippi zooming by
   Am                           C
Salvation in the cool November air
I’m searching for the mixture D That could paint a pretty picture Am C Em Of the wind blowing through Rosemary’s hair [Chorus] Am Em Her daddy always said she was the one Am Em Who made the light stars could wish upon Am Em Rosemary with a Bible and a gun [Verse] Em I was more than smitten D By the words as they were written Am C And the opportunities awaiting there Em Our time was etched and promised D Til the truth came down upon us Am C Descending all our hopes into despair Em We took our leave and headed north D A tank at 20 dollars worth Am C The highway called her name like sirens call Em 25 and on the run D William Eggleston Am C Em Parking lots with neon in the fall [Chorus] Am Em Her daddy’s eyes drew fire into the sun Am Em Asked me why I thought I was the one Am Em His eyes could be deemed worthy to whoever cast upon Am Em Rosemary with a Bible and a gun Am Em One kiss could turn the dark to light, the dawn Am Em This rollercoaster highway can’t compare to the fun Am Em Of Memphis saturated in decay and on the run Am Em Rosemary with a Bible and a gun [Outro] Em Ooh D Ooh Am Ooh C Ooh Em Ooh D Ooh Am Ooh C Ooh Em Ooh D Ooh Am Ooh C Em D Am C Em Ooh

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