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A Cat In The Rain chords - Turnpike Troubadours

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A Cat In The Rain Sheet music
G  Em
[Verse 1]
G                         Em                     C            G
With the midnight sky and big brown eyes did you stumble on a pearl?
D                             C
Wake me from a thousand meter stare,
       G                   Em
With a halo hanging just a little too heavy,
     C               G
And another evenings curls,
D                                 C
Mixed up with the morning in your hair,
       G                 Em            C              G
Like a country girl that came across a cat out in the rain,
       D                                  C
Like a country girl you played it true to form,
      G                        Em               C               G
Gonna lay a little pity on the prodigal son who parted with his name,
       D                              C      C
Little shelter for a stray out in the storm.
        G              Bm
You can try to put the past behind,
     C                    G
It’s on your clothes like burning pine,
Am           C              G               D
Is it gin or turpentine you keep in your canteen?
   G                Em              G           D        C      C
If pressure makes a diamond babe, I still might come out clean.
[Verse 2]
       G          Em          C         G
In the simplе solitary joy of temporary comfort,
        D                                   C
Well, I closed my еyes and felt I’d slept a hundred thousand years,
 G              Em            C             G
Awaking I would disregard the terms of my surrender,
     D                              C
Took every bad fork in the road and look who’s standing here,
        G           Em              C             G
We were victims of eternal love for almost half a morning,
       D                                 C
Said I know you can’t go home again, but tell me where you land,
    G               Em               C           G
Oh, here’s to yet another chance you get to be reborn,
    D                                  C
And here’s to greener, higher hills to make your final stand.
        G              Bm
You can try to put the past behind,
     C                    G
It’s on your clothes like burning pine,
Am             C              G               D
Is that gin or turpentine you keep in your canteen?
   G                Em              G           D        C      C
If pressure makes a diamond babe, I still might come out clean.
Am  C  G  D
G  Em  G D C
[Verse 3]
      G                  Em                   C                G
For a walking ghost that southern coast was a lawless piece of Heaven,
           D                                 C
There were bayou dives and oyster knives and liquor for to drown,
        G                     Em
And the Q-Beam lights and the rooster fights,
        C                G
And the months I don't remember,
My winning hand went busted,
And my luck was now winding down.
[Verse 4]
       G               Em
In the southeast Texas setting sun,
  C             G
I sit surveying damage done,
We wish you luck and fortune hon,
      C                  C
We're closing in an hour,
       G         Em
Backed up to the trinity,
     C               G
With no more road to run,
   D                       C
No longer can I wander on alone on my own power.
    G              Bm
And try to put the past behind, 
   C              G
Perhaps it’s only in your mind,
     Am                 C               G       D
They close the doors at nine at Channel Marker 17,
   G                Em               G           D        C      C
If pressure makes a diamond, babe, I still might come out clean.
  G              Em
Tejanos curse in Spanish,
      C              G
And a Cajun eyes the weather,
        D                           C
There’s black mud on the belly of a yellow colt I ride,
G                 Em              C               G
Never thought I’d catch myself so calm out in the open,
As a gulf storm deals in bucket loads,
And hits from every side.

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