Leaving & Lonely chords - Turnpike Troubadours

Turnpike Troubadours Lyrics

            The intro is just a walkdown from C to G using
Cadd9, G/B, G/A, D/F#, G

At the end of the phrases in the verse and chorus 
that end in a D, use a walkdown from D to G using
D, Cadd9, G/B, G/A, D/F#, G

Instrumentals follow chord pattern of chorus. Enjoy!

Turn down the lights. Turn up the AC
  G/F#  Em                  D
Hold me close, when it gets cold
Stuck in between, lovin and lonely
G   G/F# Em                    D
Stuck in between, lines on the road

                       Em      G
It might have been the whiskey, it might have been the wine
                    Cadd9             D
Might have been the moonshine, in her eyes
                   Em      G
It might have been bad luck, it might have been love
Am C/B Cadd9 G Or maybe just the good time, it probably was Wake up scared, 6 in the morning Reach out to see, if you're still there These motel rooms, they're always the same scene I remember a time when I still cared (chorus) (Bridge) Em D It kicks me when I'm fallin down Cadd9 G G/F# Fallin all apart Em D Try to pick myself back up but I Cadd9 D don't know where to start turn on the lights. Turn off the AC pack my bags, it's time to go stuck in between, leavin and lonely stuck in between, lines on the road