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Gin Smoke Lies chords by Turnpike Troubadours

Turnpike Troubadours Chords

     G                                         F
Well in the early autumn wind a lonely dove is flyin'
G                                           D          G
Mournin' for his one true love, he can't be blamed for cryin'
   G        D          G
He can't be blamed for cryin'

         G                                            F
Well the rooster, he got 20 gals, bet he's happy as a lark
        G                                          D      G
Well he wake em in the mornin' time, put em all to bed at dark
       G      D      G
Put em all to bed at dark

Well if you been true, well if you been true
You better look me in the eyes
Well all I smell is cheap perfume 
    G       F         G
And Gin and smoke and lies

Well where were you last Saturday all dressed up so pretty
With your blue-eyed ballroom boy in Oklahoma City
In Oklahoma City

Well a spade is made for diggin' dirt and an axe is made for choppin'
And darlin' my heart's hard as nails they hammer in a hardwood coffin
In a hardwood coffin


Well way down in the bottom land, a big black crow is laughin'
No one dares to go down there, wonder what has happened
Wonder what has happened

Well in the early Autumn wind a lonely dove is cryin'
Mournin' for his one true love, he can't be blamed for cryin'
He can't be blamed for cryin'



Turnpike Troubadours ChordsTurnpike Troubadours Lyrics

Turnpike Troubadours Chords List

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