Austin to Ashes chords

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            Capo 2

Intro: x2
D Dmaj7 D7 G

D            Dmaj7      D7         G
Sweet little girl, ever changin
            D    Dmaj7
Change your ways
         D7     G
waste me away, again
D                Dmaj7     D7
You're bettin on freedom
To find what you like
D                 Dmaj7   D7
You're headin for Austin
Ya aint comin back

C               G
When I close my eyes
C                  G
The same reckoning found
C G I wanna see Austin D Dmaj7 D7 G Burnt to the ground D Dmaj7 D7 G Drivin around, drive myself crazy D I feel I'm just wastin time Dmaj7 D7 G I pull hard for Austin broke down inside D Dmaj7 D7 It took two hundred miles G To change my mind D Dmaj7 D7 I turned it around G I turned on a dime Am G Austin to ashes Am G Fire in the sky Am G Faith in believin Am G I've done everything but die Repeat Intro x2, then Repeat Chorus