Southeastern Son chords

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Well I guess I was born with a gun in my hand
                  D                           A     G D A
We'd walk the big clearcuts in the pine timberland
Well the army man told me that I could defend the free
                 D                             A     G D A
Aw and draw me a paycheck, get a tech school degree
I said hey now sergeant, that sure does sound fine
                       D                          A     G D A
Well the sawmill ain't hiring, tell me where do I sign

E                 G       D 
Won't you light a lantern for me
E                D       A
I'll be gone but not for long
E                G      D
Won't you keep a candle burnin'
E                 G           D       
Won't you leave a porch light on

(Same chords as 1st verse, just faster) Well my hands are still steady and they still hold a gun And this suit of a soldier for your southestern son Well tell mom not to worry if she's taking it hard Never thought I'd see action back when I joined the guard Well all this will be over more later than soon As I wote in a letter beneath the big afghan moon Chorus Chorus