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My Many Hurried Southern Trips chords - Porter Wagoner

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                My Many Hurried Southern Trips


D                            A7                 D
I drive for the bus lines to all points south I drive
G                  D                                   A7
Guess I've heard a million stories from the folks that ride
          G             A7                   G                 D
Have your tickets ready please, and don't forget to check your grip
                                     A7               D
And I'm leavin' on another one of my hurried southern trips

      G                      A7
These big wheels roll in the heat and the cold
        G                         D
And the thunder and the lightning whips
                   G                    D
And the folks that ride got a reason to ride
     A7               D
On a hurried southern trip

With tear filled eyes a young girl got onboard at Willow Springs
She was bearin' child and I didn't see a ring
I'm on my to Memphis she said thru tremblin' lips
At the unwed mother's home I'll end my hurried southern trip



  E                                      B7           E
A man stepped aboard in Memphis, said do you remember me
A              E                               B7
I rode here to look for work in nineteen fifty-three
         A              B7                     A              E
And I've been in prison all these years 'cause I made one bad slip
                                        B7               E
And I took him home to Rogersville on a hurried southern trip

      A                      B7
These big wheels roll in the heat and the cold
        A                         E
And the thunder and the lightning whips
                   A                    E
And the folks that ride got a reason to ride
     B7               E
On a hurried southern trip

A soldier boy said hello Joe it's been a long long time
Do you still make a special at the Shannon County line
And it wasn't long 'til we were there to meet the folks he'd missed
Tears of joy filled every eye on that hurried southern trip


     B7               E
On a hurried southern trip
     B7               E
On a hurried southern trip 

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