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Its Four In The Mornin chords - Faron Young

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Faron Young Sheet music

It's Four In The Mornin' by Jerry Chestnut,as performed by Faron Young    
capo 2nd fret                                                                   
It's Four In The Mornin'                                                                                                       
[G]It's four in the mornin' and once more the dawnin' just woke up the 
wanting in[D]me.                                                         
Wishing I'd never met her,knowing if I forget her, how much better off 
she would[G]be.                                                      The 
longer I hold on,the longer this goes on,the harder that it's 
gonna[C]be,but it's four in the mornin' and[G]once more the dawnin' just 
[C]woke up the [D]wanting in [G]me.                                 I 
never deserved her,God knows when I hurt her that's the last thing that 
I wanna[D]do.                                                 She tries 
but she can't tell how she feels but I know too well what she's 
going[G]through.                                                   If I 
love her so much,I don't know why I can't do the right thing and just 
let her[C]be,but it's four in the mornin' and[G]once more the dawnin' 
just[C]woke up the[D]wanting in me.                            
(instrumental turn around)                                           
[G]Last night I told her this time it's all over making ten times I've 
told her[D]goodbye.                                                      
Last night we broke up,this mornin' I woke up and for the tenth time I'm 
changin' my[G]mind.                                             I saw 
more love in her eyes when I left her than most foolish men will 
ever[C]see,and it's four in the mornin' and[G]once more the dawnin' 
just[C]woke up the[D]wanting in[G]me.(back to first verse and fade)                                                                    
These lyrics were transcribed from Faron Youngs Golden Hits

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