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A Man Needs A Maid chords by Neil Young

Neil Young Chords

A Man Needs A Maid : Harvest

 Bb F C G Bb Dm
 Dm                        C        
 My life is changin' in so many ways

         Bb                   F   
 I don't know who to trust anymore

 Dm                       C              
 There's a shadow runnin' through my days

        Bb                        Dm  
 Like a beggar goin' from door to door

       Dm                            C   
 I was thinkin' that maybe I'd get a maid

        Bb                      F   
 Find a place nearby for her to stay

 Dm                      Am7          
 Just someone to keep my house clean -

        Bb            Dm  
 Fix my meals and go away.

   Dm C   Bb                Dm7   G F Em7
 A maid       A man needs a maid.     

   Dm C  Bb Dm
 A maid     

 G F Em7 F C 

      Am   G  F    Em7  Dm7   
 It's hard to make that change

      Am   G   F    Em7  Dm7     GaddC D    Bb F
 When life and love turn strange and   cold    

    C            G          Bb           F
 To give a love,  you gotta live a love.  

    C            G          Bb          F
 To live a love,  you gotta be part of. 

 C                    G     Bb Dm
 When will I see you again?    

 Dm                                 C   
 A while ago somewhere I don't know when

       Bb                      F      
 I was watching a movie with a friend.

 Dm                      Am7     
 I fell in love with the actress.

         Bb                               Dm    
 She was playin' a part that I could understand 

   Dm C  Bb                Dm7   G F Em7
 A maid      A man needs a maid.     

   Dm C  Bb              
 A maid      A man needs 

   Gm    Dm Em Em7
 A maid.       

 C           G        Bb    Dm     
 When will I see you again?  (hold)

 Am7 x002010
 Dm7 x00211
 GaddC x30003

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