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Around The World chords - Neil Young

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Neil Young Sheet music
E5          022x00
C#m         x46654
C5          x355xx
B5/C        x344xx
C#m/B       x2x120
B5          x244xx
C#m/A       x0212x
B5/A        x044xx
Emaj7       xx2444
E6          022120
Am7/E       xx2213
Fmaj9       1x2213
E5addA      0222xx


Boy and girl fall in love
dreamin under stars above
meanwhile push comes to shove
 D     A   E
around the world

leaders fall leaders rise
terror wears a thin disguise
not much room for compromise
 D     A   E
around the world
around the world

surfers from seven seas
sharing with the submarines
experts count war machines
 D     A   E        E5
around the world

people sweat in planted fields 
students study what is real
someone builds a laser shield
 D     A   E
around the world
around the world

C#m             C5 B5/C C#m5  C#m/B         C#5/B  B5  C#5/B  
fashion change                style change
C#m/A           B5/A  C#m/A   Am7           Emaj7        E6
fashion change                style change         ooh   ooh
Em7            Am7/E          Fmaj9         E5addA     E5
fashion change                style change

C#m             C5 B5/C C#m5  C#m/B         C#5/B  B5  C#5/B  
hey! what's that you got on?     you're sure looking good tonight
C#m/A           B5/A  C#m/A       Am7          
where'd you pick that up anyway?  wow! you're looking beautiful!
    Emaj7        E6
hey! you are somethin' else tonight
Em7         Am7/E          Fmaj9        E5addA                E5
    so skin tight...       wooh,   yeah come on, lets go out!
why do we have to hate
why do we incinerate
why don't we illuminate
 D     A   E
around the world
around the world
D              A
why don't we illuminate
why don't we illuminate
 D     A   E
around the world


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