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Spring Break-Up chords by Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan Chords

Intro.:  |(C)(G)|(D) | x 4

It was the (C)last night at the Holiday Inn, there was a fire on the (G)beach / / (C)|(G) / /
I was (C)trying to talk to some other girl and she was bird dogging (G)me / / (C)|(G) / / (Gb)
I (Em)finally had enough, I pulled (C)over to the side
(Em)Brushed her hair back and looked her (D)strait in the eye

It was a (C) spring (G)break-up, (D)baby don't cry (G)
(C) You ain't (G)from here and (D)neither am I
We (C)gotta little (G)drunk and (D)had a good (Em)time
It's a (C) Spring Break-up, (D)
Baby, bye (C)bye, bye (G)bye bye (D)bye, baby, bye (C)bye bye (G)bye bye (D)bye

No (C)I don't need your number, don't want to be your Facebook (G)friend / / (C)|(G) / /
I (C)hate to break it to ya, but you won't ever see me a-(G)gain / / (C)|(G) / / (Gb)
If (Em)I'm a bad guy, well I (C)don't mean to be
But there's a (Em)beach full of buddies acting (D)just like me

(C) Spring (G)break-up, (D)baby don't (G)cry
(C) You ain't (G)from here and (D)neither am I
I know we (C)gotta little (G)drunk, we (D)had a good (Em)time
Now it's a (C) Spring Break-up, (D) baby bye (C)bye

Bye bye to the (Bm)night that we shared
The (Em)memories we made on that (G)ol' beach chair
(C) So long to the (Bm)beer in that kiss
Hope it (Am)don't take you long (Bm) to (C)get over (D)this

(C) Spring (G)break-up, (D)baby don't cry (G)
(C) You ain't (G)from here and (D)neither am I
I know we (C)gotta little (G)drunk and (D)had a good (Em)time
Now it's a (C)Spring Break-up (D)

(C) Spring (G)break-up, (D)baby don't (G)cry
(C) You ain't (G)from here and (D)neither am I
We (C)gotta little (G)drunk, and we (D)had a good (Em)time
Now it's a (C) Spring Break-up (D)

Baby bye (C)bye, bye (G)bye bye (D)bye, baby bye (C)bye, bye (G)bye bye (D)bye
Baby bye (C)bye, bye (G)bye bye (D)bye, baby bye (C)bye, bye (G)bye bye (D)bye -----

Luke Bryan ChordsLuke Bryan Lyrics

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