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Engine 143 (Harmonica Tab) chords

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            ENGINE 143 Version 2 (with harmonica)

Here is another version of this classic song, with a
melody tab for a C Harmonica. The numbers without the minus
sign means blow, and the ones with the minus sign means
draw(breathe in). Modify it to fit your style of preference
I play it differently than this way myself.

Verse 1:


4 4    4    -4  5 5 5
A-long came the F.F.E.

    F                C

-4  4     -4  4  4   4
The swift-est on the line


6   6   6   5   6    -6 6
Run-nin oer the C and O Road
D7 G 5 -4 -4 -4 -4 5 -4 Just twen-ty min-utes be-hind C 6 6 6 5 6 6 Run-nin into Sou-ville C7 F C 5 -4 4 -4 4 -3 4 Head-quar-ters on the line C A7 4 4 4 4 -4 5 5 Re-ceiv-ing their strict or-ders D7 G7 C 5 5 -4 -4 5 -4 -4 Verse 2: C Georgies Mother came to hime F C A bucket on her arm C Sayin to er darlin son D7 G Be careful how you run C C7 Many a man has lost his life F C Tryin to make lost time C A7 And if you run your engine right D7 G7 C Youll get there just in time Verse 3: Up the road she darted Against the rocks she crashed Upsidedown the engine turned And Georgies breast did smash His head against the fire-box door The flames were rollin high "Im glad I was born for an engineer On the C and O Road to die" Verse 4: The doctor said to Georgie "My darlin son be stil Your life may yet be saved If it is Gods blessed will" "Oh no" said George "That will not do I wish to die so free I wish to die for the engine I love One hundred and fortythree" Verse 5: The doctor said to Georgie "Your life it cant be saved Murdered upon a railroad line And laid in a lonesome grave" His face was covered up with blood His eyes you could not see And the very last words poor Georgie said Were "Nearer my God to thee"

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