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John Hardy tabs by Carter Family

Carter Family Chords

Carter Family - John Hardy

This song was originally done by a women named old Mother Maybelle
who orignally played by her self till joining what is known
as the Carter Family which they then played together.  
Keep in mind this song is played in the blue grass style, 
i tried to tab it exactly how i play it but with bluegrass 
there is never a wrong or right way to play.  
With this song you can add your own hammerons and throw in runs
where ever you like to make it sound how you want it.






This song is a true story:

John Hardy was a desperate little man
Carried tow guns every day
He shot him a man on the West Virginia line 
Shoulda seen John Hardy gettin' away

John Hardy was standing at the barroom door
He did not have a hand in the game
Up stepped his woman and threw down 50 cents
Said, "Deal Jhn Hardy in the game"

John Hardy drew to a four card strait
The Chinaman drew to a pair
John failed to catch and the Chinaman won
And he left him sitting dead in his chair

John Hardy was a-standing at the startion bars,
So dark he could not see;
Up stepped a policeman and took him by the arm 
Says: Johnny, come and go with me

John Hardy sent for his father to come
And get him out on bail;
There's no bond allowed on a murder charge
So they kept John Hardy in the jail

John Hardy had a pretty little wife
And children she had three
But he cared no more for his wife and his chold
Than he did for the rocks in the sea

They took John Harrdy to the hanging ground
And left him there to die
The very last words I heard him say:
My forty-four never told a lie

I've been to the East and I've been to the West
I've travelled this wide world round
I've been to the river and I've been baptized, 
Take me to my burying ground



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