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Prisoner's Song chords by Carter Family

Carter Family Chords

Prisoners Song

Oh, I (C)wish I had (C7)someone to (F)love me,

oh, (G)someone to (G7)call me their (C)own.

Oh, I wish I had (C7)someone to (F)live with,

for I'm (G)tired of (G7)living all (C)alone.


Please do meet me tonight in the moonlight, 

please do meet me tonight all alone,

for I have a sad story Ill tell you,

it's a story that's never been told.


I'll be carried to the new jail tomorrow,

leaving my poor darling alone,

with the cold prison bars all around me,

and my head on a pillow of stone.


But I have a great ship on the ocean,

all mounted with silver and gold,

and before my poor darling would suffer

this ship would be anchored and sold.


Oh,  if I had the wings of a swallow,

over these prison walls I would fly,

I would  fly to the arms of my poor darling,

and there I'd be willing for to die.

Repeat Verse 2 

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