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All I Do Is Write About It chords - Skynyrd Lynyrd

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Song Name: All I can do is write About it


Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd


Album: Gimme Back my Bullets


(I think the Clean Electric in this song has a little Chorus. But if you do  this song fully Acoustic, itll give you cold chills.)


Transcribed by: Eric Snyder


Intro: G D Em C/ G D C (stop on C)


Verse: Well this [G] life that I [D] live has [Em] took me every[C]where  [G]theyre aint no [G] place I aint never [C] gone.


Well its [G] kinda like the [D] saying that youve [Em] heard so  many [C] times. Well, theres [G] just aint [D] no place like [C]  home.




Verse: If youve [G] ever seen a [D] She Gator [Em] protect her [C]  youngin. Or a [G] fish in the [D] river swimming [C] free.


Did you [G] ever see the [D] beauty of the [Em] hills of [C] Carolina? Or the  [G] sweetness of the [D] grass of [C] Tennessee?


Chorus: And [G] Lord, I cant [D] make any [C] changes. [G] All I can  do is [D] write em in a [C] song.


Yes, but [G] I can see the [D] concrete a [Em] slowly [C] creeping. [G] Lord  take me and [D] mine before that [C] comes.


(A little Fiddle playing, here are the chords.)


G D C (twice)


Verse: Do ya [G] like to see a [D] Mountain stream a [C]  flowin? Do ya [G] like to see a [D] youngin with his [C]  dog?


Did ya [G] ever stop and [D] think about well the [Em] air  youre [C] breathing? Well [G] ya better [D] listen to my [C]  song.


Repeat Chorus


(Another Instrumental break, I dont have my guitar handy, but I think  it either stays in [G] or goes to possibly [A]. If you find out 100% sure, tell  me.)


Verse: Im not [G] trying to put down [D] no big [C] city. But the [G]  things they write about [D] us is just a [C] bore. 


You can [G] take a boy out [D] of ol [Em] Dixie [C] land, Lord, but  youll [G] never take ol [D] Dixie from a [C] boy.


Repeat Chorus


Repeat last line of Chorus and end with: And [G] Lord take me and [D] mine  before that [Em] comes 


(On last line, only hit chord once. This a great song, my e-mail is My favorite line is, "You can take a boy out of  ol Dixie Land, but youll never take ol Dixie from a  boy." That is so daggon true! Thanks see-ya! 




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