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Four Walls Of Raiford chords - Skynyrd Lynyrd

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Four Walls Of Raiford - Lynyrd Skynyrd
>From The CD           - Legend
Here is a good tuned and haunting song by Lynyrd
Skynyrd.  It was never released on the radio, so
many of you probably have never heard of it.  It
is simple like many of Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, but
it sounds good.
Here is the intro and what you play while you 
sing.  It isn't the actual tab, but it sounds 
good.  If anybody could post the actual tab 
they're more than welcome to do so.

    D                                A                                   

Here are the words and chords.  Play the verse's
softly and then speed up on the chorus.

Verse 1:

Now these four walls of Raiford closing in on me.

      {A}                         {G}       {D}
Doing three to five hard labor for armed robbery.

I put two years well behind me, but I could not wait the time

        {A}                                        {G}   {D}
For everytime I thought about it, Lord I died some more inside.

Verse 2:

And they put stripes on my back.  Memories of hurt.
And the only time I seen sunshine is when I shoveled dirt.
Digging ditches on the chain gain and sleeping in the holes.
Oh Lord, please forgive me because I could not wait paroll.


{D}           {G}
And I'm coming home to see my Jesus.

Lord, it feels so close this time.

                      {A}                              {D}
Please have mercy on a soldier from the Georgia-Florida mines.

When they find me they must kill me.

         {A}                                   {G}
Oh Jesus save my soul.  I can't go back down to Raiford.

I can't take that anymore.

Verse 3:

When Vietnam was over there was no work here for me.
I had a hungry wife and children that I had to feed.
Now they say I'm guilty, when they find me I must die.
Only me and Jesus know that I never stole a dime.

Verse 4:

These last few years behind me, Lord they've been so sad.
I fought proudly for my country when the times were bad.
And when they find me and kill me, yes when they shoot me down.
Won't you fly old glory proudly with my medals on the ground.

{Chorus twice}

Tag: I can't go back down to raiford, I can't take that anymore.

I hope you enjoyed the tab.  An excellent song.
Could anyone post the words and/or chords to Big House's 
song "You Ain't Lonely Yet" or the tab you play on the 
first verse of Dwight Yoakam's song "South Of Cincinatti.

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