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Simple Man 2 chords - Skynyrd Lynyrd

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Simple Man  - Lynyrd Skynyrd
>From the CD - Legend and other CD's
This is my favorite song Lynyrd Skynyrd ever put out.
It is an amazing three chord tune.  I see that other
people have posted tabs and lyrics.  I'll give you
everything I know. 
This is the intro and what you play while you sing.
Play this twice and then play it twice more with 
chords playing in the backround.  When the singing
starts the singer should chord and the 2nd guitar 
should play the lead.

                   C                       G

Alright, here are the words and chords it is quite                easy to

Verse 1:

{C}              {G}         {Am}
My momma told me, when I was young.

{C}                {G}             {Am}
Come sit beside me, my one and only son.

{C}                {G}       {Am}
And listen closely, to what I say.

{C}                {G}                         {Am}
And if you do this, it will help you some sunny day.

Verse 2:

Take you time, don't live too fast.
Troubles will come, and then they'll pass.
If you find a woman, you'll find love.
But don't forget me my son, there is someone up above.

{C}      {G}           {Am}
And be a simple kind of man.

{C}              {G}              {Am}
Be something you can love and understand.

{C}                {G}         {Am}
Baby, be a simple.  Be a simple man.

{C}                      {G}        {Am}
Won't you do this for me son, if you can.

Verse 3:

Forget your lust, for the rich man's gold.
All that you need, is in your soul.
You can do this, if you try.
All that I want for you my son, is to be satisfied.



Oh don't you worry, you'll find yourself.
Follow your heart, and nothing else.
Do this for me, at least you should try.
Cause all I want for you my son, is to be satisfied.

{Repeat chorus twice}

Tag:  Won't you do this for me son, if you can.

This is all I know of the break.  Post if you know
any more

After the first time you sing the chorus, slam the
chords on the other chorus's.  If anybody knows any 
of the riffs or any more of the break please post.
Also, if anybody can post the chords or words or both
of the Big House song "You Ain't Lonely Yet" or the
tab you play on the first verse of the Dwight Yoakam
song "South Of Cincinatti"  I'd be much obliged.

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