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Country Girl chords by John Schneider

John Schneider Chords

Country Girl
By: John Schneider

Key of D

Intro:  D, Bm, G, D  (2x)

D   Bm    G   D
I've been to California, where the ladies look so fine
    Bm G     Em A
They could take a long-haired country boy and softly bend his mind
     D       Bm G D
Made love in New York City where they dress in silk and pearls
    G Bm
But Lord I swear there's nothing anywhere
 G       A      D
That's better than a country girl

 G D
Cause country girls are sweeter'n a tube full of honey
     A D
And country girls are warmer than the Georgia sun
They know how to touch you, they know how to love you
Take you right out of this world
Bm A   G   A   D Bm G D
I'm so glad that God made country girls

D    Bm   G D
There's women in Chicago in their high rise penthouse rooms
Bm G Em A
With fine champagne and other things you could drown in their perfume
     D Bm    G      D 
But I'll take a night down in Mobile, just looking out across the bay
 G   Bm G A D
With a country girl lying next to me, taking my breath away

      Bm A G   A     D   Bm G D
yeah, I'm so glad that God made you country girls

 Jason Wendtland

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