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Take The Long Way Home chords - John Schneider

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Take the long way home
By:  John Schneider

Key of G
Intro: G, D, Em, C, D

G   D    Em   C      D
Take the long way home, she won't wait up tonight
      G D Em   C    D
I can take the long way home and there won't be any fight
 Em G
Tonight I can stay out late with the boys,
     C   G D  C D G
Play cards and come in at dawn
G   D   Em   C     D      G   
Since she left me I've got a choice, I can take the long way home

C D  G D Em    C D
     No pictures on the wall, no carpet on the floor
G D   Em   C      D
Noone ever calls, noone knocks on my door
Em   G
It's just a place where I sleep at night
   C     D  G D G
But I can't sleep alone
    D Em      C   D    G 
Think I'll stop off and have a bite, and take the long way home.

C G      D G
What makes a house a home is sometimes hard to say
C G   C       D
You never know all the riches you own til someone takes them away

  G      D Em C   D G

   D       Em Am

  C     D Ebm   Em

    Em   G   C        D CDG
The night is clear and my work is through, it's a shame to be alone
G    D      Em   C D   G   Em
Think I'll go have a beer or two, I'll take the long way home
   C    D     G
I'll just take the long way home.

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