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Leavin's Been Comin' chords by John Schneider

John Schneider Chords

C          G         F           C
It's never over 'til it's really over
    F              G          C     G
And someone's left standing behind
   C            G            F            C
It goes without sayin', it's too late for stayin'
     F             C            G                C
When leavin's been comin' for a long, long, long time

  D                         G
I packed up my suitcase and started my pickup
F                   C
So many times in my mind
       D                        G 
It's a hard road to travel from blacktop to gravel
        F                             G
And the next hill is the hardest I'll climb

I've got all the answers for most of the questions
And some that ain't easy to find
There's no more erasin' these things I've been facin'
And leavin's been comin' for a long, long, long time


And leavin's been comin' for a long, long, long time 

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