Too Good To Stop Now chords - John Schneider

John Schneider Lyrics


G                    C
We should've taken a little more time
G                  D
All I know is your name
    G                      C 
But we were two strangers alone in the night
G                  D
No one's really to blame
   Am                           D  
It might've been better if we'd chosen to wait
      Am               D
But a moment ago was a moment to late

              C   G             D   G 
Come a little too far, a little too fast
             C   G        D
Did a little too much somehow
                C   G              D   G  
We got a little too deep, a little too soon
             C   G       D    G
But it feels too good to stop now
We might've made it, a slow kind of thing With candle light and with wine It might've been nicer and come from the heart If we'd taken our time But time doesn't matter when you're needing someone And this loneliness made us, do what we've done Chorus Chorus