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Whats A Memory Like You 2 chords - John Schneider

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What's A Memory Like You (Doing In A Love Like This) by  John Schneider
Capo: 3      Intro:  G (single strum)

                                          Am       D
You know you, shouldn't be here, what am I supposed to do
                                                 Am          D
Don't you know I've found a new love, and *I'm trying to be true
Didn't you say we were over, why do you keep hanging on
                              Am         D
You're no longer welcome, can't you just leave us alone

What's a mem-o-ry like you, doing in a love like this
Am D
She thinks we-'re all through, but that's not the way it is
G    Em
When I hold her in my arms, it's your lips I still kiss
                               Am       D(strum 1st)
G Am D G, D Am G (pause)
What's a mem-o-ry like you, doing in a love like this

                                            Am       D
Don't you know, it would hurt her, to find you here with me
                              Am       D
Why make me remember, the *way we used to be
Can't you see that she can love me, the way you never could
                                 Am        D
G (strum)
And I really wanna love her, ain't it time you left for good

                                          Am D (strum)
G Em Am D G
....What's a memory like you doing in a love like this

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