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Eye Candy chords - Josh Turner

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Eye Candy Sheet music

** For the [A] use only the index finger and hammer on the [F#] 4str4fret**

She’s as pretty as a model on TV
[E]                  [A]
You gotta see her, to believe me.
That little lollipop will really make your jaw drop,
[E]                             [A](once)
You get to staring, you can’t stop.

[E]          [A/C#]              
Sweet as a honey bee hive
[D]                             [A]
She got my attention from the get go
[E]          [A/C#]
She goes a walkin’ on by
She’s a looking so fine
        [E]                   [A]([A6]) [E] [D] [A]
She’s a little piece of eye candy

When the good Lord made that little looker,
[E]                                [A]
He must have used a whole lot of sugar.
Maybe that’s the reason that I crave her
[E]                      [A](once)
So much flavor all the time.


[A]([A6]) [E] [D] [E]

[G]            [D]                   [A]([A6])
She gets me higher then anything can.
[G]            [D]                           [E]
She melts my heart when she’s holding my hand.

Let me tell you a little something 'bout her kisses,
           [E]                       [A]
They ain’t nutritious, but they’re delicious.
If your looking for a woman whose a goddess,
       [E]              [A](once)
Or the hottest, she’s it.

[E]          [A/C#]              
Sweet as a honey bee hive
[D]                             [A]
She got my attention from the get go
[E]          [A/C#]
She goes a walkin’ on by
She’s a looking so fine she's  

[E]          [A/C#]              
Sweet as a honey bee hive
[D]                             [A]
She got my attention from the get go
[E]          [A/C#]
She goes a walkin’ on by
She’s a looking so fine
        [E]                   [A]([A6]) [E] [D] [A]
She’s a little piece of eye candy

 [A]([A6]) [E] [D] [A] (X4)


(A|----------0-0----0-0----0-0----0-0----0-0----0-0--|  (fade out)

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