The Answer chords - Josh Turner

Josh Turner Lyrics

            	D	       G		D	G
If you're lookin' for somebody you can talk to
             D	       G		D	G
When the heartache and the troubles overcome you
	   A	    Bm	       G
There's a man you can count on
                  D                G           A
That you can put your problems on

	G		D
You've questions, you need directions
             G	(A)	D
Arms to hold you for all eternity
             G		D
Look no further 'cause there's no other
	Bm	D	G
For a lover and an understander
Jesus is the answer

		D	       G		D	G
You're out there wondering what got you into such a big ol' mess
	D	       G		D	G
You've been feelin' so undeserving of forgiveness A Bm G But there's a King upon a throne D G A That lets you know you're not alone CHORUS G Gm Bm Sometimes life is a no-win situation A But get down on your knees G A And He'll be right there waiting CHORUS