Crazy In Love chords

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            Conway Twitty - Crazy In Love


D   Bm   D   Bm

Verse 1
Ain't it funny how time,
           G               D           Bm
Steals the feelings from a love affair.
And there's no place to lay the blame,
   G                     D      C  D
It ain't a case of no-one cares.
G                       D/F#        
Helplessly just watching it fade away,
Em                                Asus      A
Neither will admit it, we're both aching to say.

CHORUS ------- D A G Ooooohhh, I miss the days when we were crazy in love. Em Bm7 Em When you weren't so sure of me, F#m Cmaj7/A I had my little jealousies. D A G Ooooohhh, bring back the days when we were crazy in love. Em I need to feel that way again, Asus D Bm (D Bm : first time only) Remember when we were crazy in love. Verse 2 -------- Em G Oh, it used to be so easy, D Bm One touch and you were high. Em G And I could get intoxicated, D C D Just by looking in your eyes. G D/F# Baby, ain't there anything we can do, Em Asus A 'Cause I know you're missing me as much as I've been missing you. REPEAT CHORUS Em Asus We were more than best of friends, D Bm We were crazy in love. D Bm Crazy in love. D Bm D Crazy in love.

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