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Nancy Whiskey chords - Ian Tyson

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Ian Tyson CD
Ian Tyson Sheet music
                "Nancy Whiskey"
 Arranged by:
Ian Tyson & Sylvia Fricker
From: Ian & Sylvia Greatest Hits CD
1987 & 1970 (Vanguard Records)
Guitar:   Ian Tyson & Monty Dunn
Autoharp: Sylvia Fricker
Bass:     Russ Savakuss

Submitted to Cowpie by: Brian McNeal / Kingman, AZ

"Nancy Whiskey"

  (F)  (C)        (G)    (C)
I am a weaver, a Carlton weaver;
(F)    (C)       (Am)    (C)
I am a brash and a roving blade.
 (F)     (C)       (G)    (C)
I will wonder where I wish to.
 (Dm)   (C)       (Am)    (G)
I will follow the roving trade

(F)      (C)      (G)   (C)
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey,
(F)      (C)      (G)  (C)
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy-O.

  (F)      (C)        (G)    (C)
As I walked out into Glasgow City
(F)   (C)          (Am)      (C)
Nancy kissed me, I chanced to smell
(Dm)    (C)        (Am)     (G)
I walked in and sat down beside her
(F)      (C)           (G)     (C)
Seven long years oh, I loved her well.

(F)      (C)      (G)   (C)
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey,
(F)      (C)      (G)  (C)
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy-O.

  (F)    (C)            (G)    (C)
The more I kissed her, the more I loved her;
(F)     (C)          (Am)    (C)
The more I kissed her, the more she smiled
(Dm)   (C)    (Am)     (G)
I for - got my mother's teaching;
(F)    (C)     (G)     (C)
Nancy soon had me beguiled.

(F)      (C)      (G)   (C)
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey,
(F)      (C)      (G)  (C)
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy-O.

(F)       (C)          (G)    (C)
So I'm going back to the Carlton weaving;
(F)      (C)       (Am)    (C)
I'll really make them shuttles fly.
   (Dm)      (C)      (Am)    (G)
For I'll make more at Carlton weaving
(F)     (C)      (G)     (C)
Than ever I did in a roving way.

  (F)            (C)        (G)      (C)
So come, all you weavers, you Carlton weavers;
(F)       (C)   (Am)    (C)
Weavers, where e'er you be.
 (Dm)   (C)       (Am)   (G)
Beware of Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey;
(F)  (C)          (G)     (C)
She'll ruin you like she blinded me.

(F)      (C)      (G)   (C)
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey,
(F)      (C)      (G)  (C)
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy-O.

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