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Some Kind Of Fool chords by Ian Tyson

Ian Tyson Chords

Some Kind Of Fool:Ian Tyson.

1. Worn to a frazzle way down in my bones,

And I''ve sung every song about bein'' alone,

   A                               E
So Honey, please be there when I get home.

E        A                              A7
Well the tourists have all given up for the night,

There''s coyotes howlin'' on my left and my right,

      A                E                A
And I must be some kinda fool to leave you alone.

  A                                               A7
2.The wind''s growin'' colder and I''m caught by the throat,

And my car top''s flappin'' like a pensioner''s coat.

    A                               E
Oh, honey, please be there when I get home.

   E  A                                   A7
3. My friends are on the pogey and I''m on the pills,

I''m hooked on the white line runnin'' up to the hills,

      A                E                A
And I must be some kinda fool to leave you alone.

                          A  D                  E
4. Repeat Verse  1. ADD: I... must be some kind of fool

            D A     A
to leave you a..lone....La, la, la, lah, lah, lah, la,

lah...(La,La as many times as you want.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat! 


Ian Tyson ChordsIan Tyson Lyrics

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