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Own Hearts Delight chords - Ian Tyson

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Ian Tyson CD
Ian Tyson Sheet music
Song: Own Hearts Delight
Sung By: Ian Tyson/Slick Fork Music/CAPAC
CD: Cowboyography
Written By: Ian Tyson
Transcribed By: M. Lawrence
Capo 2nd Fret

1.There's a light in the kitchen 
As I cross the valley and head her on into the yard 
My wife is watching from that light in the kitchen 
As I cross that old cattle guard 
I unload my horses -- Two Bits and Roanie 
A                              E
And throw them a few Flakes of hay 

My wife comes to meet me with that determined look 
The first thing that I heard her say 

Darlin' we haven't gone dancing 
G           A        D
For such a long time now 

It's been so long since we twirled around the dance floor 
E                     A
I've almost forgotten how 
So gas up the pick-up 

I'll bring the babies 
         G                         E
They'll stay with the neighbors tonight 
        G           A
If the band at the bar 
          D            G
Can play waltzes and shuffles 
          D              A             D
I'm gonna dance with my own heart's delight

2.So I drank a cold one 
I sang in the shower 
I pondered upon marriage and such 
They say this country was hell on horses and women 
I guess it ain't changed all that much
We make a good team my lady and I 
I couldn't ask for anything more 
If you don't believe me 
Just catch us tonight
We'll be the best dancers out on that floor

Repeat Chorus

Ian Tyson ChordsIan Tyson Lyrics

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