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Old Double Diamond chords by Ian Tyson

Ian Tyson Chords

The Old Double Diamond   3/4    Ian Tyson;      (Written by Gary McMahon)

(C) Now the old Double Diamond, lay (Am) out east of Duboise
In the land (F) ........ of the (G) buffalo
And the (C) auctioneers gavel, how it rapped and it (Am) rattled
As I watched the old (F) Double Diamond (G) go

Won't you (C) listen to the (Am) wind
Mother natures (F) Vio (G) lin

When (C) I first hired on, to (Am) the old Double Diamond
I was a damn poor (F) excuse for a (G) man
Never (C) learned how to aim, when the spirit (Am)  was tame
Couldn't see all (F) the cards in my (G) hand

And the (C) wind whipped the granite (Am) above me
Blew the tumble weeds (F) clean through my (G) soul

Well (C) I've fought her winters and I've (Am) busted her horses
And I took more (F) than I thought I could (G) stand
But (C) the battles with the mountains and (Am) cattle
Seem to bring out (F) the best in a (G) man

I guess (C) a sailor, he needs an (Am) ocean
And a mama (F) her babies to (G) hold
But (C) I need the hills of (Am) Wyoming
In the land (F) ......... of the (G) buffalo

Now (C) shes sellin out, and (Am) I'm movin on
But I'm leavin (F) with more than I (G) came
Cause (C) I've got my saddle and it ain't for (Am) sale
And I've got this (F) song to (G) sing

Got (C) to find new range to ride and (Am) new knots to tie
In a country (F) where cowboys are (G) king
I turn (C) my tail to the wind, and  the (Am) old Double Diamond
Disappears in (F) to the (G)sage.......(C)

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