Court of Love chords

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F                                   Bb           F   
Don't tell me you love me When you know it ain't true
I'm tired of the cheatin and things that you do-oo
F                                   Bb         F                        
Don't tell me your sorry  when you know it's a lie
                        Bb                 C        F   
Just pack your bags and hit the road Don't even say goodbye
          C                                  Bb               F  
In the court of love the jury's back and the verdict has come in
         C                         Bb              C
The evidence against you says your case was mighty thin
      F                            Bb               F              
The judge gave his decision and he said that I'd be free
                              C                F              
So you'll spend a lifetime… a lifetime without me.

           C                               Bb                F     
There a long black train a waiting just to take you down the line
         C                               Bb                C        
To a prison full of broken hearts that's where you do your time
      F                              Bb          F
Your in my pass I'm free at last I'm starting to do
C F Stay in your cell where lonesome dwells say hello to the blues Chorus [Thanks to Terry for tabs]

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