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I'm Not Over You chords

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            Capo 1
(D) Tonight the rain that's falling
only adds to my (A) heartache
It runs quietly down my window
Like the (G) tears upon my (A) face
And each (D) time the lightning flashes
And I hear the thunder (G) roar
I'm reminded of the (A) closing of the (D) door

I'm not (G) over you
the storm still (D) rages
The (Em) waves of pain remind me 
That we're (A) through
I'm slowly (G) drowninG
In a sea of endless (D) heartbreak
I'm going (G) under 
'Cause (A) I'm not over (D) you

I keep holding to your memory
But my hopes are sinking fast
The chance that you'll come back to me
Now fades into the past
Can I find a way to let you go
Somewhere down deep inside
By reaching for the healing hands of time Chorus

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