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Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill chords

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            CAPO 1 FRET

On the cross and they hung him 
D               A                 
shame was foresaken 
   D              A                          E
As they drove the nails in his hands and his feet. 
As death closed his eyes 
     D             A 
his cries went to heaven 
    D        A
Oh Father forgive them 
  E          A

I hear him redeem. 

One morning past day-break 
as the crowd slowly gathered 
Like a sheep he was humble E to his Father's own will D So sad was his face there A the birds hushed their singing E A They were walking my Lord up Calvary's hill. A In the tomb he was layed but D A death could not hurt him D A He was God's only son E in this world below. A On the cross he fulfilled the D A plan of salvation D A I want to thank Jesus E A for his coming again. (Repeat Chorus 2x)

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