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The Last Best Place chords

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            INTRO: D  A  G  D  A    A G D

       D                A                  G 
I am a pilgrim  passing through  and I've wandered through 
the world and all it's beauty     I don't know 
          A            G                             A
what I'll find  when I cross that river to the other side  
        Bm               A               Gmaj7
but the good book said believer when you get there  
                     D             A
in heavens light old memories will fade  
           D            A           G    A    D
and I will see   by his grace   the last best place

            D                 A        G
It won't be easy   to say goodbye   to everyone I've loved 
             D                                     A
here in this life    but when he calls me   I will go 
             G                                A
and leave my brothers and dear sisters here below  
       Bm             A                Gmaj7
all at once I'll be rejoicing with the angels  
               D                A                  D
resting in the promise that someday    we'll meet again 
A G 5-1 Bm A G face to face in the last best place INSTRUMENTAL (rythm guitar plays through entire 1st verse) D A G Some folks dream of growin' old contented with their D A treasures in some mansion there are those weary souls G A who search in vain to satisfy their passion Bm A Gmaj7 some can't wait to ride that train to glory D A and see Saint Peter at the pearly gates D A G 5-1 Bm A G but for me God's embrace is the last best place D A G A D A A G D I will sing by his grace in the last best place 5-1 = hit the 5th string 1st fret Bm=x24432 Gmaj7=320002 On the cd this is played in Drop D tuning (thickest string tuned down to a D) the only chords that change are: G = 5x0003 Gmaj7 = 5x0002 D = 0xx232 just use regular chords for easier version

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