Solid Ground chords

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               D                            A
Darlin we’ve been through some hard times 
And regrets I’ve had a few
I gave my best to make you happy 
It wasn’t good enough for you
So today its all over
I'll be seein you around
I’m standin up and stepping over
Movin on to solid ground
                       G                    D
*Cause life’s about choices and I’ve made a few
                     A                           D
*To start livin for myself now and honey not for you
                        G                              D
*But you better get it straight now I aint leavin this town
               A                            D
*Baby from now on I’ll be standin on solid ground

A You taught me life is what you make it D That’s a simple line but true A But when it comes to how you’re livin D The choice is really up to you G Keep your eye upon tomorrow D Live your dreams and make em last A Take the time to smell the roses D And learn a lesson from the past (chorus) A So darlin thank you for the good times D Tears will never need to fall A It’s not the end it’s the beginning D Of a new day after all, G I’ll just try to keep my head high D Even when they get me down A I’ll take a stand and keep on standin D High upon the solid ground (chorus again) A D You can count on it baby, I’ll be standin on solid ground

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