Blues For Dixie chords - Bob Wills

Bob Wills Lyrics

This song is the work of Tim Ausburn

BLUES FOR DIXIE  Writer-Mayo Recorded 1947 by Bob Wills  Key of Bb

(Bb)If you've ever seen that (Bb7)ole Mississippi,
The (Eb)queen of the delta (G7)land,
Then you'll under (C7)stand,  (F7) -
Why I've got the (Bb)Blues For Dixie.
If you've ever been down in (Bb7)Tennessee, when,
Those (Eb)old cotton fields were (G7)white,
In pale moon (C7)light,  (F7)-
Then you've had the (Bb)Blues For Dixie.

If you've seen the (Bb7)glamour, (Bb)of the Ala-(Bb7)bama
(Bb)moon shining (Bb7)in the sky, if (C7)you've got a baby,
Down in Birmingham, maybe, (F7)you'll know the reason why,
That I'm (Bb)gonna be blue, 'til I'm (Bb7)on that old choo, choo,
(Eb)Headin' down South a-(G7)gain',
There goes that (C7)train,(F7)-
That's leavin' me (Bb) Blue For Dixie.

Instrumental break:

Repeat chorus: