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Lily Dale chords - Bob Wills

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Bob Wills Sheet music

Submitted by, Tim Ausburn. This is my version and all my work.


This is an old song from 1852, written by, H.S. Thompson.  Billy Jack 
Wills, Bob's brother, re-wrote it somewhat and put a tune to it that 
would fit the Bob Wills style.  It modulates from D to A and back, kinda 
like, "San Antonia Rose.

Verse one:

(D)- As I hear the mockin birds, (D7)- I re - (G)- member the words,
When you (D)- said that forever you'd love (A7)- me,
Now (D)- happiness is gone, (D7)- mem - o - (G)- ries linger on,
From the (D)- chains of our (A7)- love I set you (D)-free.

(Modulate to A)  (D) - (Eb) - (E7)

(A)- Sweet as the morning, (E7)- smile like the (A)- sunshine, (A7)-
(D)- Ours was a (A)- love no words could (E7)- tell,
(A)- I love you, (E7)- oh how I (A)- miss you, (A7)-
(D)- Won't you come (E7)- back, Lily (A)- Dale.  (A7)

Verse two: (goes back to D)
Since (D)- we have said good bye, (D7)- I'm so (G)- blue I could cry,
Happ - i - (D)- ness is a thing called the (A7)- past,
(D)- Days without you, (D7)- make my (G)- nights oh so blue,
And (D)- always in my (A7)- heart, our love will (D)- last.

(Modulate to A, D - Eb - E7 - and repeat chorus)

Tag:  Still in A.  (D)- Won't you come (E7)- back, Lily (A)- Dale.  (D) - (A)

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