Miss Molly chords - Bob Wills

Bob Wills Lyrics

Miss Molly

written by Cindy Walker 1944 Mesa Music
recorded by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys (and numerous others)
transcribed by Greg Vaughn 

        G         G9        D7            G          G9      D7
      3 111111    |x1|||    ======      3 111111     |x1|||  ======
        |||2||  3 2x|333    xx||1|        |||2||   3 2x|333  xx||1|
        |34|||              xx|2|3        |34|||             xx|2|3

1:Oh,  have you  seen Miss Molly?   Her  cheeks are rosy    red
2:Now  when Miss Molly's   smilin'  the  sun is     dim a   spell
3:I'll trade my  horse and saddle   Cow  drivin'    I'll re-sign
4:Now  listen    dear Miss Molly    I've told you   this be-fore

      G         G7         C7       C#dim7    G          D7        G
    3 111111  3 111111   3 x11111 3 x||1|x  3 111111   3 x|||1x   3111111
      |||2||    |||2||     x|||||   x2|||x    |||2||     x|2||x    |||2||
      |34|||    |3||||     x|3|4|   x|3|4x    |34|||     x3|4|x    |34|||

1:Her lips are  soft as    satin    and they  taste like ginger -  bread
2:And when she  laughs her voice is like a    little     silver    bell
3:If on - - ly Miss Molly will say that she'll be mine 4:And even tho' I told you so I'll tell you just once more CHORUS C7 G D7 3 x11111 3 111111 3 x|||1x no x||||| |||2|| x|2||x chord x|3|4| |34||| x3|4|x Oh, Oh, Oh, me, oh, my Miss Molly I'm in love with you G7 C7 C#dim7 G D7 G 3 111111 3 x11111 3 x||1|x 3 111111 3 x|||1x 3 111111 |||2|| x||||| x2|||x |||2|| x|2||x |||2|| |3|||| x|3|4| x|3|4x |34||| x3|4|x |34||| Oh, me, oh, my Miss Molly won't you say you love me too I'm trying something a little different with the format here. I've got the chords symbols listed above the lyrics like you might see in printed music books. However, unlike those books, I've tried to pick voicings that are near each other on the neck. Additionally, the lyrics to each verse are broken up and listed below the chords with a number in front to denote which verse it is. I'm interested in feedback for or against mixing the symbols in like this. I've tried to transcribe this as true to the Western Swing form as I can. For a simpler version, don't play the G9 and C#dim7 and play the other chords in standard open string positions. Chord symbol explanation: At the top is the name of the chord. ====== means the nut A number to the left is the fret number Each of the six vertical columns means a string A number on a string refers to which finger to use (suggested) A single finger number on multiple strings means a barre A vertical bar (|) on the string means no finger there An 'x' on a string means to don't play that string (mute it by gently touching it if it's in the middle)