Ida Red 3 chords - Bob Wills

Bob Wills Lyrics

            (Bob Willis & The Texas Playboys) 
[E] Lights in the parlor, fire’s in the grate,
Clock on the mantle says it’s [B7] gettin’ [E] late.
Curtains on the window, snowy white,
The parlor’s pleasant on [B7] Sunday [E] night

[E] Ida Red, Ida Red,
I’m a plumb fool ‘bout [B7] Ida [E] Red

Lamp on the table, picture on the wall,
There’s a pretty sofa and [B7] that’s not [E] all,
If I’m not mistaken and I’m sure I’m right,
They’s somebody else in the [B7] parlor to- [E] night.


Chicken in the bread bin peckin’ out dough,
Granny will ya dog bite? [B7] “No, chile, [E] no.
Hurry up boys and don’t fool around,
Grab your partner and [B7] truck on [E] down.

Lights a’burnin’ dim, fire’s a’gettin’ low, Somebody says it’s [B7] time to [E] go. I hear the whisper, gentle and light, Don’t forget to come next [B7] Sunday [E] night. Chorus My ol’ Missus swore to me, When she died she’d [B7] set me [E] free. She lived so long her head got bald, She took a notion not to [B7] die at [E] all. [Thanks to for tabs]