My Mary chords

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here is another Bob Wills song that has also been done by

 Merle Haggard,Jim Reeves, and Leon Rausch.

 Lyrics only.


  My Mary  

 Sung by Bob Wills years ago.


 I take a trip every evening 

 Journey down memory lane

 Strollinâ along.... those familiar paths

 Dreaminâ.. those dreams again

I can always see.. my Sweetheart Just as she used to be Waiting for someone by the garden gate And I know that someone is me Big brown eyes and curly hair Can't you tell that's Mary? Rosy cheeks Ruby lips Can't you tell that's Mary? Chorus Oft times.. in the evening we'd go strollinâ Hand in hand together..Beneath the Poplar tree I can feel her hand in mine As I sit alone.. tonight Just dreaming of The hours I spent with Mary. Inst.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chorus