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Catching Up To Do chords

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this is my favorite song by's a second chance under
circumstance basically. It starts out finger pickin' then go with it.

Catchin' Up To Do
Jared Fallon

G		          D
Maybe I've played the fool---for you
Now I see where I stand
G	            D
Breakin' every rule for you
To see my heart break in your hands
G                    D
And if you felt
Half of what I feel for you
G		D
I can say that you'd know
Just what to do

G D Ya better catch that tear from fallin' C Cause that's the last on you'll get C C C G D I can hear this old soul callin' C That hasn't lived yet G I'm gona soar above the rain D Fly above the pain C Yes it's true I may never love you again G D There's cryin'-- you can't undo C You've got some catchin' up to do You can take from me my dignity And all I have left But maybe I'd be happy If you were someone I could forget G But the night is so cold and lonely D And ya know I love you only C I just wish I couldn't still feel your arms hold me (chorus) GDC riff then to I'm gonna soar above the rain Fly above the pain Yes it's true I may never love you again.......