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Right Here chords

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Here's a song to let ya know that you'll always have someone on your
side no matter how bad you can possibly screw things up sometimes...
believe me man I know...do I ever know. ha
Right Here,
Jared Fallon
(finger pick until chorus)

G			Em
There are times when the rain blows hard
Can't get dry no matter where ya are
G			Em              C
And the only hope ya have is that it will pass
G				Em
I've done more wrong than right I know 
But I could always turn to you
G    	Em 		C
When life get's a little to fast
G		Em 			C
You said you'd stay by me and you'd be my friend
G		Em			C
cause where you're at is where I've been
G Em C Right before ya walked away G Em C I remember every word ya had to say C/Em/G (Chorus) G Em I aint goin' anywhere C I'm always gonna be right there Am D I said, I'll take you off your feet I'll take you away G Em I ain't goin' anywhere C If ya need me I'll be right there Am G I'll take your breath I swear I'll take ya away G Just trust in me Em And you will see C G I'll always be right here So when you're down and out and it's not your day look to god and you'll hear him say In his own special way I'll be at your back I'll be by your side If ya need a friend ya won't be denied And when you're lost I'll show ya the way (Chorus)