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Somehow chords - Jared Fallon

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Somehow Sheet music

This is my song! One of 'em. It's slow but it's hopefully cool to play. 
It just reminds you to remember that
the people that you need the most, are the ones that should know how
much you really do need them.  
Because you never know when it's gonna change.

"Somehow"  Lyrics and Music By:  Jared Fallon

What he won't admit
His mind pays for it
C			G
And he won't forget her very soon
He reads her name in stars
See's her in passing cars
C				G
Even buys her drinks at bars on a full moon

Em				C
And what he want's her to know is that he loves her
Am			      G
There's nothing else above her now
Em					C
What he needs her to know, is there's no distance he wouldn't go
Am				G
And he's gotta get back to a love he once found
Em	   C	        G
Someday, Someway, Somehow

Now he's wishin' 
He could walk into that kitchen 
Give her a hug and a kiss and stay steady
I swear he said he, had a heart so heavy, so how could he be ready to

He stands at the edge with his pride by his side 
And the know that he tried to his left
He said I see how it has to be for her to hear me
And the whole town said there's no way he could have slipped
(slow again)
When the moon is low
And the stars seem to sway 
In the echo of a winds blow 
Ya just might hear him say

Jared Fallon ChordsJared Fallon Lyrics

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