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Walk Across The Sky chords by Jared Fallon

Jared Fallon Chords


hey guys!! this one was written in about 15 minutes...I haven't put
chords to it, cause i don't wanna wake anybody in the house up, if ya
get an idea write to me!  Until then these are the lyrics for my newest

As Written By: Jared Fallon
Sung By: Jared Fallon

ty never had much luck with tryin' to fly
he was always satisfied just gettin' by
he'd walk the edge to see how close he could be
he dared to love and he dared to dream

lynn once was in felt a tender touch but not for real
she could tell her mind to love but not her heart to feel
once while ty was passing by, 
they seemed to catch eachothers eye

and they ran across an open feild of angels
promising to follow one where the other goes
side by side and step by step
giving as much as they can
and if they'd only try
they  could walk across the sky

rumors scorched threw town about a young girl
who had fallen in love with a young fool
and her parents never knewthat love could not let words threw
cause it only comes to some very far and few

Jared Fallon ChordsJared Fallon Lyrics

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