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Soar Above The Stars chords

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This song was written for my class out of Prairie Farm Wisconsin.  Where
we're begining to prove it's not the size of the town. It's the size of
the heart.

Soar Above the Stars
By: Jared Fallon

now just close your eyes
go to where the sun shines
back to the days 
of all the crazy games
where the good seemed to win
again and again
all that mattered was that we were friends

we were all watching you...
soar above the stars
and we seemed to break threw
these strong rusted bars.
we were all watching you.
holding on to what we've had 
and now that these days are threw
not even the hard times seemed that bad
when I was watching you.... paint a picture for me of a time now we don't see where hearts were young and our souls were free running in the wind where the bright lights were dimmed seems now they've passed and they'll never be back again... and you said chorus ohh where the lights shine now we don't see I'd give hold on, and bring you with me.... chorus: do you remember a time... when the sun seemed to shine all day long hold me in your heart and there we'll never part we'll be where we belong chorus