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Time After Time chords - Jared Fallon

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Jared Fallon Sheet music

This is about a guy who's lonely but doesn't let it show.  I like to
think he kinda makes a joke out of it, because that's just the kinda guy
he is...really care free.  Get a good picture in your mind of the
song,what you think it's about then sing, and play it...listen to how
different it sounds once you've added that meaning.

Time After Time
Jared Fallon
(intro Bm, A, D, G....G,A,D,G)
Bm                  A                   D                 G
A fella came into the bar, while I was there
Bm               A	                  D		   G	
Sat on the stool next to me, and we each had a beer
Bm                 A		D	        G	
Said he was lookin' for a name I knew to well
Bm	A                    D		G	A	
Asked if I'd seen her, but Ididn't wanna tell that...
G    A	        D	        A	
I've seen her time after time
G            A           D           A
Runnin' laps around my mind
G	   A	D	    A
And if by chance the strong survive
G		A	   D	          A
I'm gonna break every heart that ever was unkind
G		A	   D	         A	
I'm gonna break every heart that ever broke mine

He just gave a grin, and the barmade bought us a round
Whole place sat back and listened to the heartache I'd found
Another came in, it seems she'd done it again
I said sit down and told him about when...
I've seen her time after time
Runnin' laps around my mind
And if by chance the strong survive
I'm gonna break every heart that ever was unkind
I'm gonna break every heart that ever broke mine
(chorus 2x's)

Jared Fallon ChordsJared Fallon Lyrics

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