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Angels Love Bad Men chords by The Highwaymen

The Highwaymen Chords

Angels Love Bad Men
By The Highwaymen

Capo 3

Em  D  C  G  Bm  C  D  D/C  D/B  D/A

Em                                 D   
When his stolen gold has turned to rust
C                 G
He rides off in a cloud of dust
Bm            C             D
Lookin' for a border he can cross
Em                  D 
She'll stand by and watch him go
C                  G
Wonderin' if he'll ever know
Bm                     C                    D
The hurt she's feelin' now and what they've lost

Bb          F       Bb               F  
Angels love bad men; that's how it's always been
Bb              F                      Gm     G
They give their whole hearts when they fall
Bb          F      Bb                       F
Angels love bad men; that's how it's always been
Bb               F                  Gm    G 
Love holds their hearts against the wall


When his corporate day comes to and end
He rides away in his Mercedes Benz
Soon he's lost beneath the neon sky
Outside of town, in their suburban home
She spends another night alone
And wonders what went wrong, wonders why


The Highwaymen ChordsThe Highwaymen Lyrics

The Highwaymen Chords List

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The Highwaymen

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