True Love Travels On chords - The Highwaymen

The Highwaymen Lyrics

            performed by Waylon Jennings
             Kris Kristofferson
             Willie Nelson
             Johnny Cash

Verse 1:(Kris Kristofferson then Willie Nelson)
	How many girls
	Choose cotton dress worlds
              F                         C/G    
	When they could have satins and lace
	And stand by her man
	Through good times and bad
              F                        G
	And still keep a smile on her face
	And how many hearts

	Could face the winters we've known
             F             C/G 
	And still not turn gold
Chorus: C/G F C/G True love travels on a gravel road Bridge:(Willie Nelson) C/G Love is a stranger and hearts are in danger F On smooth streets C/G Paved with gold Chorus. Verse 2:(Johnny Cash then Waylon Jennings) C/G Down through the years Em We've had hard times and tears F C/G But it only makes our love grow And we'll stay together Em G No matter how hard the wind blows C/G Not once have i seen your Blue eyes fill with envy F Or stray from the warmth C/G That they hold Chorus. Bridge.(Waylon Jennings) Chorus.(x8) alternately all together-Johnny Cash Perret Charles-Amir :