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Deportee 2 chords - The Highwaymen

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                (G)The crops are all in and the (C) peaches are (G) rotting
The oranges are packed in the (D) creoste (G) dumps
(C) They're flying them back to the (G) Mexican border
To save all their money and (D7) wade back again

(G) My father's own father he (C) waded that (G) river
Others before him have (D) done just the (G) same
(C) They died in the hills and they (G) died in the valleys
Some went to heaven with (D7) out any (G) names

(C) Goodbye to my Juan, good (G) bye Rosalita
Adios (D) mis amigos, (D7) Jesus y (G) Maria
(C) You won't have a name when you (G) ride the big airplane
All they will call you will (D7) be.....Deportee (G)

(G) Some of us are illegal and (C) others not (G) wanted
Our work contracts out and we (D) have to move (G) on
(C) Six hundred miles to the (G) Mexican border
They chase us like outlaws, like (D7) rustlers, like (G) thieves

(C) Goodbye to my Juan, good (G) bye Rosalita
Adios (D) mis amigos, (D7) Jesus y (G) Maria
(C) You won't have a name when you (G) ride the big airplane
All they will call you will (D7) be.....Deportee (G)

(Chorus Instrumental)

(G) The sky plane caught fire over (C) Los Gatos (G) canyon
A fireball of thunder that (D) shook all the (G) hills
(C) Who are all these dear friends (G) scattered like dry leaves
The radio said they were (D7) just...Deportee (G)

Adios a mi Juan, adios Rosalita
Adios mis amigos, Jesus y Maria
No tendras ningun nombre en aquel aeroplano
Solo te van a poner...Deportee

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