Desolation Angels chords - Kelly Reckless

Kelly Reckless Lyrics


(play riff 1 over G and Cadd9 throughout the verses)

I saw the the same old streets for far too long
I put the rubber on the road, and left it all behind
Now paved with memories, those streets are long since gone
Put the rubber on the road, and the blood inside

(D)I've been around this land of (C)oppor(G)tunity
(D)The road is hard and it don't (C)offer up (G)immunity
(D)I've road this country hard from (C)sea to shining (G)sea
(C)I've shared a dance with lady (D)liberty

I broke down despite my prayers, Fult tilt and half the way
the rubber on the road, and the blood inside
But I aint got far to go, I'll her where she lay
Keep the rubber on the road, and the blood inside

(D)Cause wealth and matter has (C)never made much (G)sense to me
(D)Its bought a lot of souls and (C)never has (G)set one free
(D)I've shared a couple tears, but (C)never did I (G)grieve
(C)I walked away and left the (D)keys

(G)And I'll (D)catch me a (C)midnight (G)ghost (Dsus4) (G)We'll (D)roll down that (C)western (D)coast (Dsus4) (G)Fields of (D)green (C)Valleys of (G)wine (C)Saint Theresa don't you (D)worry We'll make it on time (lick) We're there before we know, Just watch this grey ghost roll Steel on the tracks and the hammer down Things used to move so slow, These days its roll man roll Steel on the tracks and the hammer down (D)Its bound to take its toll out (C)running wild and (G)living free (D)I've done some growing up but i (C)never lost the (G)child in me (D)Tossing dice at (C)things that might not ever (G)be (C)All just to see what I can (D)see Chorus Well I know that it can't last, Someday this ride will stall Rubber on the road, and the blood inside Cause even mighty mountains, Someday will crumble and fall Keep the rubber on the road and the blood inside (D)Finding out the hard way don't (C)leave school with much (G)validity (D)Living hand to mouth don't (C)leave much room for (G)nobility (D)We know the end is near, but (C)not when it will (G)be (C)Or is it close enough to (C)see (G)And I'll (D)catch me a (C)midnight (G)ghost (Dsus4) (G)We'll (D)roll down that (C)western (D)coast (Dsus4) (G)Fields of (D)green (C)Carmel (G)wine (C)Saint Theresa don't you (D)worry (C)Saint Theresa don't you (D)worry (C)Saint Theresa don't you (D)worry We'll make it on time riff 1 E--3-3--3-3-3--3----------------3-3--3--3-3--3------------------ A-------2-2-2--2----0h2-2h3----------2--2-2--2---0h2-2h3-------- D-------0-0-0--0-------------0-------0--0-0--0------------0----- G-------0-0-0--0---------------------0--0-0--0------------------ B-------3-3-3--3---------------------3--3-3--3------------------ e-------3-3-3--3---------------------3--3-3--3------------------ G 320033 Cadd9 032033 D 000232 Dsus4 000233 C 032010

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