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Life Aint Fair And The World Is Mean tabs

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Well that label man said son now can you sing a little bit more clear
Said your voice might be too genuine and your song's a little too sincere
        E                                        A                  E
Can you sing a little more about outlaws and the way things used to be
E                                                          B7                 E  
He told me you just worry about writing them songs leaving everything else to me

Daddy was a Highwayman but he never wrote any old country songs
Papaw never stayed out raising hell til the break of dawn
But he raised a proud coal miners daughter and I'm proud to be her son
She told me boy I don't care if you hit it big, cause you’re already #1

                  A                  E   
That's the way it goes in this day & age
    E                                                          B7
You ain't gotta read between the lines you just gotta turn the page
              A                                    E   
Well the most outlaw thing that I've ever done was give a good woman a ring
               E                       B7                    E
But that's the way it goes, life ain't fair and the world is mean

Well I still got the wife and the dog but I swapped my truck out for a van Gonna hit the road find the end of that long white line in the promise land You won’t hear my song on the radio cause that new sounds all the rage You can always find me in a smokey bar with bad sound and a dim lit stage Chorus